300SB Ionic Adapter (Liquid GS, Ring Bar and Transformer)

300SB Ionic Adapter (Liquid GS, Ring Bar and Transformer)

Speed Brite Cleaners work by electrolysis. Ions are attached to dirt and grease rather than metals and stones. Surface tension is reduced permitting dirt, tarnish and oxidation to be lifted away from jewellery or other metal pieces with gentle bubbles without abrasion. No metal is lost. Stones are safely cleaned without potentially damaging friction, heat or abrasion that other cleaners produce. Rinsing and drying after immersion naturally enhances renewed lustre.

Ideal for Trade Shops

Size: 4 1/4" X 3 1/8"

110V or 220V

Adapts Your Ultrasonic for Ionic Cleaning

Easily Hangs on Any Ultrasonic

Reduces Cleaning Time

Comes with 

Ionic Adapter

1 Gallon Gem Sparkle Concentrate

Coated Ring Hanger Wire

 For INTERNATIONAL orders or if you would like to become a dealer email  jim@speedbrite.com 


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