Gemstone Cleaning Guidelines

The reaction of a stone to either cleaning ultrasonic or steaming will vary depending on the inclusions in the stone, the solution used in the ultrasonic, and the amount of time the stone remains in the ultrasonic, as well as on the procedure used in steaming. All stones are at risk of thermal shock if taken from the steamer and placed directly in the ultrasonic or water before they have sufficiently cooled. Caution is advised regarding solvents and other chemicals, including ammonia, which is common constituent of most household cleaners. Boiling is not recommended for any stone except diamond and only for diamond when absolutely necessary and proper procedures are followed.


Because IONIC CLEANING is done at room temperature and without cavitation it has been found to be SAFE for all stones. No heat or sound waves are used in the ionic process; simply bubbles releasing tarnish and oxidation from metal as stones are bathed in the Gem Sparkle solution. 

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