Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is it?

Cleaning and polishing in one easy step. The IONIC system uses polishing agents and gentle soap cleansers to remove tarnish and dirt with a safe bubbling action. These bubbles are formed by the carefully-controlled electrical current that passes through metals reducing surface tension of dirt and floating it and tarnish away - instantly. Restores metal luster and stone brilliance.

Sounds like electropolishing.

That's just what it is. SpeedBrite ionic units are self-contained electro polishing cleaners. No rectifier needed. Gem Sparkle concentrate solution is formulated for optimal cleaning and degreasing and is supplied with the cleaners. It comes in 16oz., 32oz., 1gallon, and 5 gallon sizes

How does it differ from an ultrasonic?

Ultrasonic cleaners use cavitation to bombard items with sound waves. This can be damaging to some stones. Ultrasonic cleaners have their place in manufacturing shops, and even there, Speed Brite ionic cleaners are used as the final brightening step in the polishing process. The 300SB adapter for the ultrasonic cleaners allows jewelers to use ultrasonic alone, ultrasonic in combination with ionic to speed cleaning tasks, or ionic alone for ultimate safety in gemstone cleaning.

How many pieces can be cleaned at one time?

4-6 in a cycle. The process takes only seconds so many pieces can be cleaned in a short time. Since the current is controlled, you will clean fewer large pieces at one time or more smaller pieces. In our shop we pile 30-40 charms on the safety screen, touch the top few with the clip and watch for bubbles to form over the pieces. In less than 30 seconds. all the charms are bright, needing only thorough rinsing and drying with a soft cloth. Tags with permanent marking and laser tags can be left on the piece.

What is the difference in the various models?

Model 100SB is battery powered and holds 6oz. of solution. It comes with  four oz. Gem Sparkle. Great for home or travel. Model 200SB holds 12 oz. solution and is perfect for store front cleaning of customer's jewelry and maintaining inventory. Supplied with 32 oz. Gem Sparkle. Both units make special thank-you gifts for VICs (Very Important Customers). The 309SB is rectangular, holding 32 oz. solution. It is great for eyeglasses and larger pieces and comes also with a turbo agitator, our Model 350TB. A good model for trade shops. Ionic process is the same for all models; models 200, 300 and 309 are transformer powered.

Can metals other than gold be cleaned?  What about fragile stones?

With the same solution, you can clean gold, silver, gold-filled and costume jewelry, It is a safe cleaner for emeralds, opals, pearls and is an especially good cleaner for diamonds. Really makes them sparkle. Gem Sparkle contains no acids or ammonia and is odorless.

Any precautions?

Yes, SILVER is cleaned in a very short time. The unit is automatically timed but you will need to watch silver and remove it in only seconds rather than leaving it in for a full cycle. And be sure to rinse thoroughly so the piece will be squeaky clean. It will stay clean longer. Some low karat gold or solder joints may darken. This will need to polished to remove the oxidation. Limiting cleaning time will help here as  with the silver.

How can I get one?

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